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Visiting New York was always one of my big dreams. Now it became reality!

So happy to have the possibility to share my experience with you 😌😊

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April 8, 2019

last day in new york

Today was our last day, here in New York.

And guess what: We met a looot of celebrities! Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama and so on (only to mention a few of them). Okay, we met their copies at Madame Tussauds, but anyways, it was so much fun!

It was probably my highlight of our vacation and there are no words for this impressive work of art. It´s like stepping in another world, far away from the noises on New Yorker Streets.

Then we went shopping for a few hours (also a "must-do" in New York, isn´t it?). Suddenly my mother saw the "Naked Cowboy" and so we decided to ask him, if he took a picture with us. At once he just lifted me up in his arms, and I didn´t expect it. It was so funny, and I had to laugh the whole day about this crazy Situation!

After we had finished our shopping trip, we stopped at a Pizza shop in order to buy something to eat for dinner, and then we enjoyed it.

Our flight to home Destination will depart tomorrow, so this will be my last entry. I hope you enjoyed it and I am very sorry for all mistakes, or wrong expressions…

Hopefully, you understood me anyways! :)

Kind regards and thanks for reading,


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