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Having graduated from High School in March 2019, Johannes Kemper and Justus Holzinger, two young and wanderlusty guys from Rhineland-Palatinate decided to go on a backpacking adventure to Thailand for about a month. None of us has been to Thailand or southeastern Asia yet and honestly we are not sure what to expect yet. However, we are highly exited and thankful to visit a new country, get to know a totally different and new culture, meet some amazing people along our journey and most importantly expand our horizons a little. We hope this blog to capture some of the most beautiful moments throughout our journey and maybe even serve as an inspiration for others to do likewise. We are looking forward to take you with us on one of our greatest adventures of our lifetime! 

Travel plan

Our journey will start on March 25th in Frankfurt, Germany. Our first stop on our Thailand trip will be Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, a city which is well known for its elaborate sanctuaries, gleaming temples and great nightlife. After spending one night there, our journey will lead us right to Chiang Mai, a small city in the Northern part of the country. Therefrom we are going to explore the jungle and different national parks before setting off to Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket. Phuket will be our starting point for a 2 week island-hopping, which will include famous destinations such as Ko Phi Phi Islands, Ko Lanta and Ko Samui. Before finally heading back to Thailand’s megacity Bangkok we are planning to stop by at Khao Sok National Park, visiting the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. Our return flight back to Germany is scheduled on April 20th 2019.


  • Bangkok (3/25/19 - 3/26/19)
  • Chiang Mai + Jungle (3/26/19 - 4/1/19)
  • Phuket 4/1/19 - 4/5/19
  • Koh Phi Phi 4/5/19 -4/7/19
  • Koh Lanta 4/7/19 - 4/10/19
  • Koh Samui 4/10/19 - 4/13/19
  • Koh Tao 4/13/19 - 4/16/19
  • Bangkok 4/17/19 - 4/20/19
Last blog entry

April 20, 2019

Bangkok 🏙 (Day 23-27)

As promised the final entry about Bangkok. On April 16th we left the marvelous island Koh Tao, heading back to our first destination, Bangkok. A 2.5 hour ferry ride was followed by a night bus, taking us right to Khao Son Road, which is often associated as the backpacking center of the city. Shortly after storing our backpacks at our hostel nearby we decided to go for some breakfast on Khao Son Road, no trace of street food, loud noises and crowds. Probably owing to the time of day since all the partygoers were at sleep. After breakfast which more likely turned out to be a lunch as both of us ordered a burger, we left Khao Son Road and approached the river. Having arrived at the river we hopped on of the boats and went straight to a temple. Afterwards we visited one of Bangkok’s super fancy malls, called Iconsiam.

Views from the Apple store

The mall had 8 levels and almost every store I could think of. At first, we stopped at the apple store, hoping that they could fix my phone, but still no vital sign. After wandering around that highly impressive mall, we went for Korean food on the top level of the mall. The whole level was basically a food court with fancy restaurants, fountains and even small waterfalls. Amazing atmosphere to have some lunch. Shortly afterwards, we decided to see a movie at an IMAX movie theatre that we came across. We only paid half of the price since it was movie day. 

Due to a rehearsal of the upcoming king ceremony in Bangkok, many streets around our hostel were inaccessible. Therefore, we went back to our hostel in the afternoon in order to do the check in. In the evening, we visited one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars. We were lucky to get in as the drinking age in Thailand is 20 and some of the rooftop bars are pretty strict about it. It was an incredible and unique experience to view the skyline of Bangkok. It is quite impressive. 

On the next day we slept in. We did not want to be sun exposed all day. Nevertheless, we planned to do a little bit of sightseeing. The first thing on our list was the government quarter and the Grand Palace. Immediately after this, we visited a very well-known temple called, Wat Arun and a few other temples that were on our way there.

In the afternoon we went to the same mall again as I had to go to the apple store again. On our way back to our hostel, we stopped at a local streetfood market. At the market we were asked to help young Thai people learn English by just speaking to them. Of course we were happy to help out. After that, we stopped by at Khao Son Road again and got more streetfood and small snacks. 

On our last full day in Bangkok we wanted to do more exploring. We started to walk through China Town and visited the Golden Mount, a temple that is as the name already tells on top of a mountain.

Thus, it offers an incredible view of parts of the city which was pretty cool. Right after, we checked out another park in the middle of the city, which kinda reminded me of the Central Park.

The park was absolutely clean compared to some other parts of the city and a nice spot to just chill. As both of us were starving we tried to find a good spot to eat. It did not turn out to be that easy since we were in Bangkok’s business district. There were a few restaurants but mostly overpriced. At least considering what you usually spend on a Thai meal in Thailand. After we visited another super fancy mall and still did not find a good spot to eat, we eventually came to the conclusion to go to Khao Son Road and eat there.

We decided to chose Thai food for our last bigger meal. After stuffing ourselves, we went to a bar for some drinks. The Khao son Road is definitely a good spot to get streetfood and to party, but it is also extremely touristic.

It is a place you definitely should check out, but there are more tourists than Thai people so it might be not the right place if you prefer a typical Thai market. 

On the next day we had to go back home unfortunately. We ordered a taxi in the morning to get back to the airport. After a 12 hour flight we reached Frankfurt without any further incidents. That’s it from Thailand. I hoped you enjoyed reading about our adventures. There is another blog starting very soon of the USA and Canada that you should check out. Bye for now and thanks for reading!

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