Thailand 2019


April 7, 2019

Phi Phi islands 🏝☀️ 🦈 (Day 12-14)

Different than originally planned our driver has already come at 7am in the morning to pick us up and bring us to the marina of Phuket city where our boat was departing. Despite the fact that we had booked the ferry at around 12pm. As our hotel breakfast started at 7am we could not even eat anything in the morning. To make it even worse the taxi driver started yelling at me. He was very lucky that we are in Thailand and not in Germany, as it would have had consequences otherwise. 

Our speed boat was on schedule and left at 8:30am. Without any further incidents we approached Phi Phi Islands. The captain decided to go around the uninhabited island called Phi Phi Le which is a little southern of the main island Ko Phi Phi and home to the famous Maya Bay.

For everyone who has never heard of Maya Bay. It is one of the most famous and unique beaches in the world. It has been growing in popularity ever since the Hollywood movie “The Beach” was released in 2000. Sadly, the beach has been overexposed to the inflow of thousands of people every day. Accordingly, it has wreaked havoc to many corals as well as animals. As a result, the Thailand government has eventually decided to shut down the beach in July 2018 and haven’t reopened it yet. However, the captain went around the island before we finally landed at the main island. Shortly after, we left the speed boat and found a guy who was holding a sign with the name of our hotel on it. He took us and some other guys to the hotel, where we were able to do an early check in. What we haven’t really figured out until we got there was that our hotel was hillside. Thus, we had to walk a great number of steps to reach our bungalow. Well, as I recall there are always benefits and detriments. So the view out of our hotel room was pretty good. 

I think we almost fell asleep when we entered the room to be honest. 

Under the stimulus of hunger we left the room a few minutes later though. Past a decent Thai meal and some ice cream we realized a venturous plan, climbing up a mountain in order to reach a scenic viewpoint. Foolishly, we ignored the power of the midday sun and kept walking. Probably one of the most exhausting things I have ever done.

It has definitely taught me not to underestimate the power of the sun. The worst thing about walking up there was presumably that I did not even bring any drinks along. Owing to that and being completely drenched in sweat we took a few pictures and quickly went down the hill towards our hotel. Having arrived at our hotel we just took a rest for like an hour until we picked up our clothing that we had brought to a washing place earlier at noon. Our next stop was the beach.

What we did not know was that there were high and low tides so we went back to our hotel and changed our clothes. Dinner was next up on our agenda before we kicked off a night of partying. We did a bar hopping, had a few buckets and beer and eventually up in a bar with a big boxing ring in the middle of it.

Having a bucket in Thailand is like the thing to do if you are into partying. It is like a big cocktail that you drink out of a bucket. Definitely worth trying. 

However, as I have previously stated we ended up at a special bar with a boxing ring.

The funny thing was that visitors were supposed to volunteer and get into that ring to fight. In return and as a reward they offered any volunteer a free bucket. Well, none of us did it. We would have probably died otherwise anyway. Shortly after midnight we went back to our hotel again. We were super exhausted from that long day. We immediately fell asleep as soon as we climbed up that stairs. 

As crazy as we are we got up at 5:30am in the morning and climbed up stairs again to witness a sunrise. Pursued by bad luck and maybe also influenced by the buckets we had had we forget to bring any money and were desperately disappointed when we were not able to get past the entrance. So I ran back downstairs climbed up the stairs to our hotel and eventually climbed up the stairs to the viewpoint. Luckily, we were just on time for the sunrise. Well, the viewpoint pointed in the other direction anyway, so the sunrise was not as special as expected. Nonetheless, we were almost alone up there. Additionally, we made acquaintance with a monkey who ensconced himself right next to us. Furthermore, the light was absolutely marvelous. 

As soon as we arrived at our hotel I went back right to sleep due to the lack of sleep. Not until 12pm we left our hotel room to have breakfast. Following this, we went to the travel agency we had booked another tour with. This time, only for half of the day. The tour started at 2pm, which definitely proved to be advantageous. The first stop was at Monkey beach, a shore which is mainly shaped by crowds... There were so many longtail boats anchoring there. The tourists were just swarming to that beach like little ants. Apart from that there were many monkeys at that beach which was very cool.

The monkeys were not shy at all and some brave guys even shouldered those monkeys. Well the monkeys climbed up on their shoulders in the first place. Our second destination was the Viking Cave at Phi Phi Le Island. Shortly after we made it to the first bay on Phi Phi Le Island, where we went for a swim and some snorkeling. That was actually the first bay of 4 in total.

The final bay was Maya Bay, the beach I have recently mentioned.

We were able to make our ways in the bay but at the same time we were not allowed to get anywhere close to the beach so we anchored on the other side of the bay. The highlight of our snorkeling was a baby shark that Johannes and I saw as we were discovering the underwater world. Additionally, we have seen many colorful fish as well as other starfish and crabs. At around 6pm, shortly before the sun sets we left Phi Phi Le Island and headed towards the main island again. In the middle of our boat ride we stopped and watched the sun setting. Very cool experience.

Our last stop was near the main island. It was now our choice whether to go back to the harbor or to stay to watch the Planktons at night time. Of course as adventurous as we are we stayed to get the most out of the trip. It was a cool experience to see the shining plankton. 

On our way back to our hotel we stopped for something to eat. One of the last things we have done on Ko Phi Phi. We were just super exhausted and went back to our hotel room where we just relaxed before going to bed. 

Altogether, Phi Phi islands is a wonderful place and definitely worth a visit. To my mind, it is a place that combines nature, beaches and partying at the same time. You decide whether you rather relaxe, go for a walk or go to one of those beaches. The only real drawback is that the island is not that big. Although there are many tourists coming to Phi Phi islands every day, so I would recommend to go there for a few days. If you want to avoid the crowds it is definitely not the right place to go to though. In my opinion it is still a location you need to stop by. 

Today, we took the ferry over to Koh Lanta. Looking forward to making more wonderful memories and to go on more awesome adventures. Bye for now. C’ ya! 

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