Thailand 2019


April 10, 2019

Ko Lanta ☀️🏝 (Day 14-16)

On our ferry ride to Ko Lanta, the staff immediately offered everyone a transfer to their hotel. Cleverly, they were just a little bit cheaper than all the taxis and Tuk Tuks waiting for the passengers at the pier at Ko Lanta. 

Accordingly they brought us straight to our resort. We had chosen a place that was located right next to the beach. The resort consists of a great number of bungalows, a big restaurant, a small minimart and a pool.

Every single bungalow had its own hammock as well as a patio. Following our early check in, we had a decent meal at the attached restaurant. The rest of the day was dedicated to relaxation at the pool and the beach. In the evening we checked out another local restaurant before we went back to the beach to watch the sun setting. 

As you can see on the picture above they have low and high tide on Ko Lanta as well. Starting 6:30pm the resort arranged life music right next to the pool. Later one they upped the ante as they presented a fire show. Fantastic experience!

On our next day we slept in and decided to chill a little again. But it was only after we had talked to the people that were staying in the bungalow next to us that we rented a scooter and explored the island. That day we decided to explore the northern island and it’s beaches.

According to our neighbors the beaches are characterized by its solitude as well as its tremendous length. What we didn’t know was that many people thought they could use the beach as a place to store there garbage. It was alarming. Nonetheless, the beach and the surroundings were very pretty, especially due to the fact that there were like 3 people apart from us. Somehow it even reminded me of the Wadden Sea. 

Unluckily, we had issues with unlocking our scooter as our key was not functioning properly. Thus, people from the resort came out to the beach and brought us a new scooter. On our way back to the resort we stopped at a restaurant right next to the beach and treated ourselves with some cool drinks. After we arrived at our hotel again, we went straight to the pool where we watched another epic sunset. 

On the next day we switched our hotel since we decided to add another night on Ko Lanta. Even though we would have loved to stay at the same hotel we concluded to go to another place as the prices of our place had rapidly risen. Following our check in at the new place, we got our scooter and drove around the southern island, stopped at some scenic places.

Besides visiting a plenty of beaches we also wanted to discover Ko Lanta’s National Park. At the entrance we had to pay the common entrance fee of 200 + 20 Baht for our scooter. The National Park itself was lovely, notably the lighthouse that serves as one of Ko Lanta’s landmarks as well as the beaches.

Again, we were one of the only ones at the beach which it made it even more beautiful. In the noon we went back to our hotel. On our way back a few monkeys obstructed the road. At the hotel we determined to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

Altogether, I really enjoyed Ko Lanta, particularly because it is not as crowded as islands like Phuket or Ko Phi Phi. It is actually a calm and good place to relax and rest for a few days. If you are only looking to party throughout your whole trip Ko Lanta might not be the best place to go to though.

Today we had to get up very early in order to get on the bus to Krabi, where we eventually continued our journey towards Ko Samui. 

Bye for now! 

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