Thailand 2019


March 26, 2019

Here We Go! | Bangkok 🇹🇭 (DAY 1+2)

It was about 8am, when my alarm clock woke me up yesterday morning. Probably the first time in weeks that I got straight out of my bed, in fact with a contented smile. Presumably due to the fact that I knew that yesterday was the beginning of a new stage of my life. After going through 13 years of High School it was eventually time to start with something new and close that long chapter. Finally, I had the chance to do what I have always aspired to do, traveling around the world, getting to know new cultures while meeting like-minded people.

At around 10am I left myhouse and went to the central station in Montabaur in order to take the high-speed train to Frankfurt International airport. After a 25 minute ride, I met Johannes at the airport. As we decided to do the online check in ahead of time, it all went extremely fast. Well, we had all the time in the world, especially since our boarding was shortly delayed. The delay appeared to be a little longer than we firstly expected it to be. Anyway, at 3:04pm our airplane finally took off (approximately with a 70 minute delay). The short delay and a little air turbulence turned out to be the only vexation the flight brought along though. At 7:50 after almost 11 hours, we initially spotted Bangkok’s big skyscrapers from our plane. 10 minutes later, we touched Thai ground for the first time.

We were highly excited on the one side, but also extremely exhausted from the long trip on the other side. Trying some of Bangkok’s street food and wandering around the streets seemed to be the best things to do on our first day in an alien country we had not visited yet.

Not only the flight turned out to be pretty exhausting, but also the the high humid temperatures were energy-sapping and progressively made us tired and want to sleep. Fortunately, we were able to do an early check in into our Airbnb apartment at 2pm. We dedicated the rest of our day to the amazing rooftop as well as the jacuzzi and pool that came along with our wonderful apartment.

Even though our building is not the tallest compared to all the others around it, the view of the skyline was fantastic.

That was it for today. You will hear from me soon, as we will continue our journey to Northern Thailand. My next stop will be Chiang Mai. Bye for now!


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