Thailand 2019


March 28, 2019

Chiang Mai (Day 3+4)

Yesterday morning we continued our trip to Chiang Mai, which is a city as well as a province in northern Thailand. After sleeping in, we got up at like 9:00am, which was quite late taking into consideration that we went to bed at like 10pm. We could not leave our apartment without relaxing on the rooftop for one last time though. At around 11pm we ordered a taxi that took us straight to the airport. Very hard to believe but we only paid 300 Baht for a 32km ride which converts to approximately 8€. Just super different to what we are used to. The taxi driver literally speeded through the whole city without stopping. Likewise, safety gaps seem to be a loanword for any Thai taxi driver. Contrary to our expectations we arrived at the airport in like 25 minutes, which turned out to be faster than the Skytrain that we took on our first day. After getting a decent Asian meal at one of the many fast food places at the airport, we boarded for our next flight to Chiang Mai. After a 70 minute flight we arrived in Chiang Mai. Thereupon, we checked in at our guest house. It is actually quite practical since the owners of the guest house also plan and do the trekking tours that we have booked.

The owners of the guest house were hospitable and very friendly. Thus, they were able to recommend many activities around the area and give us some inside tips. 

Shortly after taking a short time out we decided to explore the city by visiting one of many temples the city offers.

Furthermore, we wandered around the city and went to some local markets in order to get something to eat. Lots of excellent street food, but admittedly also a great number of annoying hawkers and hookers along the street, who try to make you employ their services or buy their worthless junk.

Nonetheless, I have to note that the city itself is much cleaner than Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, but also unsurprisingly quite touristic. 

On the next day, we wanted to explore a few more temples. Our first destination was the Doi Suthep, a mountain with a village and huge temple complex on top of it. On our taxi ride up there we met some very nice people from Spain, Latvia and Belgium, who also intended to view the temple.

(It is a statue, but to my mind it looks super real)

As we had similar plans we joined them for half of the day, went to see a couple temples, before we got something to eat at a local place in the city. 50 Baht for chicken, vegetables and rice. I wish I could buy cheap lunch like this every day back home in Germany. Due to the high temperatures (38 Celsius) we decided to go back to our guest house and relaxe for the moment as our upcoming trek through the jungle will presumably be quite exhausting and challenging. After making some plans for our upcoming days and eventually packing for our 2.5 day jungle trek which starts tomorrow, we visited another night market.

At the night market we tried lots of amazing and delicious Thai food. Even though you do not always know all those ingredients of the meal, I can highly recommend to try as much different food as possible. It is a pretty good way to get to know a new culture better. You should always keep in mind that you can have as much fries, burgers, pizza and pasta back home, whereas original Thai street food is extremely seldom in Germany. I hope to have shared some impressions of our first days in Thailand. I am looking forward to give you more insights of our trek through Thailand’s outback very soon! 

Catch ya later 👋🏼

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